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If You Deeply Feel

If you deeply feel the need to
there are words that God will read you
in your heart upon a scroll
entitled; “your best and highest goal”
a contract you agreed to.

Listen, and let them lead you
knowing they have freed you
to shine within your soul
if you deeply feel.

If you follow, as a seed grew
then like the flower, you may proceed to
fulfil your sacred role
and once again, be whole
remember; this only is indeed true
if you deeply feel.

Heaven’s Dawn

is it selfish of us to mourn
the souls who wake to Heaven’s dawn
eternal day follows mortal night
freed from fear by loving light
i will rejoice this blessed morn
with the souls who wake to Heaven’s dawn

The Healing Bowl

the healing bowl rang
and my heart leaped and cried
I feared without fear
that perhaps I had died.

the sound of an other world
brought unto this
divine caress
spirit’s kiss.

a pristine gift
from source to soul
the magnificent call
of the healing bowl.