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If you must do it, you can.
If you can do it, you must.

If You Deeply Feel

If you deeply feel the need to
there are words that God will read you
in your heart upon a scroll
entitled; “your best and highest goal”
a contract you agreed to.

Listen, and let them lead you
knowing they have freed you
to shine within your soul
if you deeply feel.

If you follow, as a seed grew
then like the flower, you may proceed to
fulfil your sacred role
and once again, be whole
remember; this only is indeed true
if you deeply feel.

Live A Poem

Live a poem, it’s yours to write
Born to a page of empty white
Upon which, first words are penned
Shaped not, by what others intend
But by the newborn’s sheer delight.
Then, as the sparks of life ignite
Remember them in words each night
To this task attend
Live a poem.

Simply do what you feel is right
Reaching for ever higher heights
Live well, then to the light transcend
Knowing always, that in the end
Together, you and God recite
Live a poem.