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Love’s light revealed

In thrall no more to earthly things,
raised on high to dwell with kings,
freed to fly on angel’s wings,
that mortal shrouds concealed.

When the bells of heaven ring,
lit by blaze of stars shining,
oh! how my soul shall sing!
with Love’s light revealed.

‘Til Your Glory comes to be!
‘Til we come and kneel to Thee!
Grant us God the Grace to yield,
and hearts to Hope for eyes to see,
Love’s light revealed.

Hearts to Hope for eyes to see,
Love’s light revealed.


When we recognize the love that’s present in an act of kindness, a beautiful creation or a wonder-full experience, we feel a sense of reverence and joy in that moment of recognition. The voice of Gratitude whispers “Thank You”.

May Flowers Grow

in this barren, silent space
once flowers grew
now winter’s frigid face
bears anger’s hue.

love like a river runs
let it overflow
love like the shining sun
shall thaw the snow, and,
with spring’s good grace;
may flowers grow.


If you love yourself enough,
To believe that you can rise,
Then courage will build within you,
Until inaction becomes unbearable,
The leap of faith becomes irresistible,
And you grasp your own personal power.

If you love yourself enough,
To see the truth that all others may so rise,
Then empathy will build within you,
Until injustice becomes intolerable,
And you accept the responsibility to show the way,
With the humility to be so shown.

If you love enough,
To know the wisdom born of patience,
Then you will find peace,
And pass without regret,
From a life lived with integrity.

True Love

true love flows without condition
true love imposes no constraint
true love seeks not permission
true love makes no complaint
true love always tries again
true love keeps no time
true love ignores the will of men
true love is divine.

To Be A Bird

The Eagle soars, then comes to rest,
atop an impossible tower.
The Eagle soars from the seat of Power.

The Owl watches, patiently perched,
atop a moonlit roof.
The Owl watches from the seat of Truth.

The Lark sings, a melody made,
atop the clouds above.
The Lark sings from the seat of Love.

To be a bird!
To be all three!!!
With enough Love,
to find the Truth and Power in me.

The Silent Stone

On this grim day
As I walked alone,
Through the graveyard,
Stone by stone
I read the epitaph
Of a name unknown;

“You with life, go live! go love!
For you’ll join us here soon enough.”

So inspired by
The silent stone
I shall live and love
In the time I’m loaned
Until one grim day,
I’ll have those words
Inscribed upon my own.