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Love’s light revealed

In thrall no more to earthly things,
raised on high to dwell with kings,
freed to fly on angel’s wings,
that mortal shrouds concealed.

When the bells of heaven ring,
lit by blaze of stars shining,
oh! how my soul shall sing!
with Love’s light revealed.

‘Til Your Glory comes to be!
‘Til we come and kneel to Thee!
Grant us God the Grace to yield,
and hearts to Hope for eyes to see,
Love’s light revealed.

Hearts to Hope for eyes to see,
Love’s light revealed.

Runner’s Life

I see life as a run Divine,
where Courage sees me cross the line,
and Patience sets the pace.
Perseverance makes every mile mine,
but it’s Faith that wins the race.


If you love yourself enough,
To believe that you can rise,
Then courage will build within you,
Until inaction becomes unbearable,
The leap of faith becomes irresistible,
And you grasp your own personal power.

If you love yourself enough,
To see the truth that all others may so rise,
Then empathy will build within you,
Until injustice becomes intolerable,
And you accept the responsibility to show the way,
With the humility to be so shown.

If you love enough,
To know the wisdom born of patience,
Then you will find peace,
And pass without regret,
From a life lived with integrity.


Help me bear this burden,
with gratitude and grace.
Teach me faith and patience,
so that I may set it down,
in this life or the next,
and know the wisdom of it’s purpose.
With this, I give myself to you.
Lord this is my prayer.

Look To The Skies

Cast not your eyes to the ground,
Look to the skies though clouds abound,
There will be brighter days.

As your sun shall rise your moon shall crown,
Look to the skies through darkened gown,
There will be stars ablaze.

When life’s ties have you tightly bound,
Look to the skies there faith is found,
There will be brighter days.