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Look To The Skies

Cast not your eyes to the ground,
Look to the skies though clouds abound,
There will be brighter days.

As your sun shall rise your moon shall crown,
Look to the skies through darkened gown,
There will be stars ablaze.

When life’s ties have you tightly bound,
Look to the skies there faith is found,
There will be brighter days.

True Love

true love flows without condition
true love imposes no constraint
true love seeks not permission
true love makes no complaint
true love always tries again
true love keeps no time
true love ignores the will of men
true love is divine.

If You Deeply Feel

If you deeply feel the need to
there are words that God will read you
in your heart upon a scroll
entitled; “your best and highest goal”
a contract you agreed to.

Listen, and let them lead you
knowing they have freed you
to shine within your soul
if you deeply feel.

If you follow, as a seed grew
then like the flower, you may proceed to
fulfil your sacred role
and once again, be whole
remember; this only is indeed true
if you deeply feel.


breath be my guide
set my body apart
still my spirit
let soul fill my heart

return to the sanctity
of a newborn child
no thoughts to hold
no memories filed

timeless and formless
forget to remember
there’s no resistance
pure surrender.

A Heart That Broke

together we light a candle
blessed in His name
in the quiet darkness it shines
upon the remains
of a friend, a brother, a lover
and simply ‘a good bloke’.

the piano fades to the empty stage
leaving the light of a solitary flame
in the quiet darkness it shines
upon the remains
of a heart that broke.

Hotel Bed

head on a cloud
white crush
envelopes me
opulent rush

wide expanse
gently yields
cotton crisp
peppermint fields

cocooned between
subtle seams
luxurious stairway
to beautiful dreams

Storm The Fortress

Storm the fortress!
Tear down the walls!!
Set the flames
Destroy it all
Let the battle rage
Fight! Fight!!
Thru the day
Into the night
Til victory is yours
Or til you fall
Storm the fortress!
Tear down the walls!!

Fear Is Fire’s Cousin

fear is fire’s cousin;
a servant good,
a master cruel.
fear is fire’s cousin;
a master only,
given fuel.

fear is fire’s cousin;
a servant good,
a master cruel.
fear is fire’s cousin;
a servant only,
given rule.

fear is fire’s cousin;
an opportunity,
for renewal.

To Be A Bird

The Eagle soars, then comes to rest,
atop an impossible tower.
The Eagle soars from the seat of Power.

The Owl watches, patiently perched,
atop a moonlit roof.
The Owl watches from the seat of Truth.

The Lark sings, a melody made,
atop the clouds above.
The Lark sings from the seat of Love.

To be a bird!
To be all three!!!
With enough Love,
to find the Truth and Power in me.

The Silent Stone

On this grim day
As I walked alone,
Through the graveyard,
Stone by stone
I read the epitaph
Of a name unknown;

“You with life, go live! go love!
For you’ll join us here soon enough.”

So inspired by
The silent stone
I shall live and love
In the time I’m loaned
Until one grim day,
I’ll have those words
Inscribed upon my own.