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To Be A Bird

The Eagle soars, then comes to rest,
atop an impossible tower.
The Eagle soars from the seat of Power.

The Owl watches, patiently perched,
atop a moonlit roof.
The Owl watches from the seat of Truth.

The Lark sings, a melody made,
atop the clouds above.
The Lark sings from the seat of Love.

To be a bird!
To be all three!!!
With enough Love,
to find the Truth and Power in me.

The Silent Stone

On this grim day
As I walked alone,
Through the graveyard,
Stone by stone
I read the epitaph
Of a name unknown;

“You with life, go live! go love!
For you’ll join us here soon enough.”

So inspired by
The silent stone
I shall live and love
In the time I’m loaned
Until one grim day,
I’ll have those words
Inscribed upon my own.